The Taco Revival

Published on May 14, 2016 by Central Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Columbus Central Church Hosts a “Taco Revival”

On a clear Spring Friday evening the Central Church in Columbus hosted their first, “Taco Revival.” A few weeks earlier Pastor Roman Lopez, Central’s Pastor for Hispanic Ministry and Pastor John Boston, II, Senior Pastor stopped for lunch one day at a popular local food truck with Allegheny West Conference Multi-Cultural/Church Growth Director, Dr. Sergio Romero. They had a vision to offer free tacos, preach the love of Jesus and the hope of His soon coming. Once the vision was shared with the Central leadership, plans began to come together and a date was set in coordination with the owners of the Mexican food truck.

The goal was simple, feed people and share the message of Jesus in English and Spanish. In preparation the members passed out flyers in the area from door to door, the Communications ministry launched a social media campaign and the church prayed. On the night of the revival the church set up tables, chairs and a sound system. Each table was assigned a Spanish speaking member and an English speaking member or a single bi-lingual member so that everyone that attended could be reached. Just before the orders were taken for the tacos each guest received flyers about Central and their contact information was recorded by their host. A single question was asked of every guest during the order taking: “Would you like to learn more about the Bible?”

Cars passing by would stop, people that received flyers showed up and the church family had friends show up they had invited. People from all walks of life were there and they were received with open arms and freshly made Mexican tacos. One attendee commented, “This was a wonderful experience for me an my family. When I got the flyer I couldn’t believe people would do something like this in this part of the city so I had to come and see for myself and I’m glad I did.” Pastor Boston and Pastor Lopez delivered messages about God’s love and His promise to return soon. When the night was over many people made a decision to receive Bible studies and one of the recent guests of Central indicated he would like to be in the next baptism. Pastor Lopez said during the team prayer at the end of the evening, “If people do not come to the church then we must take the church to the people.” The Taco Revival was so successful the members are already planning their next one and they anticipate it will be larger than the first.

Columbus Central Seventh-day Adventist Church
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