Allergies: Natural Remedies for Allergies (Hay Fever, Sinusitis etc)

Published on October 4, 2012 by Healthy Lifestyle Choices Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute discusses allergies and what to do to avoid and treat allergies.
For hay fever or allergic sinusitis, hot and cold compresses alternating to the face can be very helpful. Apply the hot compress for 3-6 minutes, followed immediately by an ice cold compress for 30 to 45 seconds. Repeat the alternation three times, giving the treatment twice or three times daily. Ragweed hay fever has often been associated with a sensitivity to melons (especially cantaloupe) or bananas, two foods which should be omitted during ragweed season. It should be remembered that tiny cracks can very easily occur in the lining of the nose which will allow more ready access to allergenic materials. The allergic individual should therefore avoid vigorous blowing, rubbing, picking, and cleansing of the nose so that there will not be the slightest trauma to the lining membrane of the nose.

1. Fast one to two days per week. Drink eight to ten glasses of water on fast days.

2. There are several very effective simple remedies employing heat that can be used for sinusitis. The first is a hot foot bath. Put the feet in hot water for about twenty or thirty minutes, followed by a brief cold water pour over the feet to prolong and intensify the action of the heat. This treatment may be done several times daily, or once daily for several days or weeks as long as the sinusitis lasts. The nasal passages can often be opened up in a matter of five minutes with the hot foot bath.

Another heat treatment used to open up the nasal passages is that of a hot compress applied directly to the face. Squeeze a towel from hot water and apply it directly over the sinus areas for five minutes. At the end of that time, place a towel that has been squeezed from ice cold water or cold tap water over the area for thirty seconds. Continue alternating hot and cold for three changes, ending with the cold. After each simple remedy the person should lie in bed 30 minutes to allow the treatment to “react”. The reaction time insures that the full benefit will be obtained from the treatment. Repeat the treatment four times daily for the first week and once daily thereafter until sinusitis has cleared.

An ordinary table or shop lamp can be used to open up the nasal passages. It is a good treatment for night time, as it takes little effort to switch on the lamp, put two bottle caps over the eyes and hold the lamp 1-2 inches away from the nose. Keep it up for about 20 minutes.

3. Avoid chilling the extremities, especially the ankles and backs of the arms. Cool or cold skin anywhere on the body is abnormal and generally prolongs chronic sinusitis. This is especially true in children.

4. Eat three to four olives with each meal for about three weeks.

5. Six charcoal tablets (or 3 capsules or 1 heaping teaspoon of charcoal powder stirred in a glass of water) taken three times daily in the mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and at bedtime for approximately two weeks will often do wonders for chronic sinusitis.

6. Take a one hour walk daily, head up, shoulders back and down, breathing deeply. Take regular deep breathing exercises. If you prefer, you can make exercise to be very practical. It should be out-of-doors, and done daily. It can include gardening, lawn care, etc.

7. Eliminate emotional pain and bitterness from the thoughts. Train the mind to dwell on heavenly themes.

Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.
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