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Published on November 4, 2012 by Healthy Lifestyle Choices Alzheimers Disease. Learn all about alzheimers disease and various natural remedies to alleviate it. BEATING ALZHEIMER’S
By Tom Warren

In only ten per cent of Alzheimer’s patients is a defective gene labeled as “the cause.” It may be that a weak gene or defective gene interacts with environmental factors producing the Alzheimer’s. Foreign substances, particularly metals, that enter the brain head directly for the weakest gene. The defective gene is susceptible to allergies, and the body’s response to the allergy brings on symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Inability to stay awake is another symptom of allergies to foods, chemicals, and toxins.
Silver fillings are an amalgam containing 52 per cent mercury.
Dark circles, or bags under the eyes, and a white pallor of the face, indicate a sensitivity to some kind of chemical. Nail ridges may denote mineral deficiency.
Glutanic acid hydrochloric (sic) is administered orally for deficiency of HCL.
Nickel may cause autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, ALS, lupus, MS, Parkinson’s, cancer.
Amalgam may also contain high copper levels; it enhances galvanic
action in the oral cavity.
Some composite fillings contain more than 20 different materials, including aluminum.
Other things to watch for are electromagnetic fields, water, hydrocarbons, environmental pollutants, sprays, pollens, candida albicans, soaps, odors, and campylobacter pyloritis. Various medications may also be a problem. Assume that any symptom you develop after starting a new medication is a drug reaction.
Other diseases also associated are schizophrenia, celiac disease, pyroluria, porphyria, depression, blood sugar problems, neurosis.
Root canals generate toxins.
Persons with Alzheimer’s disease should not smoke, use alcohol or drugs, get rid of candida if present, control all food allergies, and have sequential replacement of amalgam fillings for a new composite filling. Correct any long standing disorders of the endocrine glands, lungs, kidneys, liver, and brain.
If you ever have even 5 minutes of lucid thought process, Alzheimer’s is reversible.
The same treatments that reverse Alzheimer’s will reverse arthritis, painful hemorrhoids, hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, and ringing in the ears.
He had the Heidelberg stomach acid test performed which was neutral. A neutral stomach does not break down food correctly. Nutrients were not getting to the brain in proper quantities. (The leaky bowel syndrome may also be connected here.) The brain can swell in response to allergies, and toxicities. When the patient eats something to which he is allergic, the brain swells. This was noticed by Dr. Bernard S. Zussman, of Memphis, Tennessee, who had had a craniotomy and the brain would expand through the surgical opening.

An overreacting immune system produces excessive hormones called lymphokines which cause swelling and fever. (Ref. U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, July 2, 1990)

When schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, and certain neurological problems have been approached from an allergy standpoint, great progress has been made. One man said, “Alzheimer’s is an autoimmune response.”For more information contact:

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