Dennis Smith – “40 Days”

Published on August 1, 2011 by

Be sure to check out this series of interviews with author and preacher, Dennis Smith. In this video, Dennis shares practical ways that we can all seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit – in particular his forty-day devotional book, “40 Days”. This is something we ALL should take part in!

Why 40 days? The Bible tells of several significant events that took this specific span of time:

Rain fell for 40 days during the Flood.
Moses was on Mount Sinai with God for 40 days.
Israelite spies took 40 days to explore the Promised Land.
Jonah warned Nineveh for 40 days.
Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness after His baptism.
Jesus spent 40 days with the disciples after His resurrection.

God wants to do something significant in your life, too. Not only does He long to draw you into closer fellowship with Him—He also wants to minister to others through you. And as you spend 40 amazing days with God, He will prepare you for earth’s final crisis and Christ’s long-anticipated second coming.

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