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http://simplenaturalandhomeremedies.blogspot.co.uk/ In this series Dr Agatha Thrash, founder and director of Uchee Pines discusses various home remedies such as garlic, aloe vera, charcoal etc for treatment of diseases and other uses. As she says some home remedies are infact more effective than conventional medicines in the treatment of colds, flu, shingles, poisoning, insect bites etc.

Herbal remedies are incredibly safe for the most part there are a few that have some side effects, but almost all the side effects that an herb can have, the drug that you might use to substitute for the herb might have a lot more and a lot more serious effects on the human body, so if you do use herbs, the important thing is to learn those that are safe and are effective and just stay with those that you know about.

Now herbs don’t make up a large part of what we talk about but some things that might be classified as herbs are such things as charcoal, that can be called an herb. But then we can use mild things like catnip tea and Valerian root and a wide variety of other herbs, so I like the herbs as well they are what could be called a home remedy.

There are many home remedies that require devices, such devices as a blender, or a mixer, or a double boiler, or a slow cooker, these are also things that may be used in home remedies. Today I would like to show you a number of these things that we have learned through the years can be helpful can be very useful in the making of the home remedies. So I would like to start with some simple things that might be helpful for say a kidney stone, and for a kidney stone discussion I will ask my son Cal Thrash to join me here so that we can tell about a personal experience, Cal welcome to the program! – Ok! Thank you! – I’m happy that you could be here today, and I’d like to talk a bit about this device. I think it may have been this very device that we used when we were treating your kidney stones. – I was going to say why were you going to ask me about a kidney stone, maybe because I’ve had personal experience with it. – Yes! We have treated a kidney stone for some time for you.

Now I’d like to ask you, what do you remember about a kidney stone as the worst experience? – Oh! It’s the pain by all means, in fact the first day that I really knew that I had a kidney stone, I didn’t know what was happening. I was talking with someone else we were looking at estimating a building, standing there and as he talked I felt myself bending over and pretty soon I was down here like this and I said you carry on, I think I’m going to go now and you could not find a comfortable position no matter what it was not… – You’d twist to the left and you’d twist to the right. – It didn’t matter you sit down and stand up in fact the only thing that I could do was just to kind of pace back and forth in this kind of position, lying down didn’t work, standing up didn’t really feel good, it was miserable. – Yes! It’s a miserable thing, in fact I have spoken with women who have both had a kidney stone and a baby, and they say the stone is by far the worst of the… – That’s what I’ve heard, I’ve only experienced one of those of course. – A woman would never choose to have the pain of a baby a second time, but far be it from her to choose a second time for a kidney stone. – Oh yes! – Now when we learned that you had a kidney stone, we had it diagnosed by a Urologist down town, and do you remember what he said to me? – He said you will never pass that stone, it’s to big it’s not going to work, and so we’re going to have to do something, probably try to go up with a basket and snare it or perhaps push it back into the kidney and go for lithotripsy, and the lithotripsy of course being at that time about $10,000 and my wife said well I think you can withstand a lot of pain for $10,000, so that wasn’t done.- Well considering the fact that the stone was big enough that the Urologist after he had studied your case said that this stone is to big to pass, and then he said it’s to big and to far up to snare with a basket. – That’s right! – So his only treatment was lithotripsy. – That’s right! – So you said let’s try for awhile with some simple remedies. – Right! – So let’s see if we can remember the number of herbs that you used, I remember stone root.- Stone root! gravel root, marshmallow root, and I believe licorice root, there may have been one or two others that I can’t remember off the top of my head but those were the main ones.

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