How to Overcome or Stop Smoking – Mark Finley

Published on January 19, 2011 by Quitting smoking is tough for most smokers and a little help will do. In this video Mark Finley provides advice on how to overcome smoking.
Nicotine is also a poison. Smoking disrupts the function of every tissue of the body. Nicotine interferes not only with the body of the person who smokes, but also with an unborn baby. Recent research compared the placentas of several hundred women who had smoked during one pregnancy but did not during another. Invariably, the smoking pregnancy produced a larger, more scarred placenta, indicating a reduction of blood flow to the fetus. Furthermore, the babies were smaller and less vigorous, and many were premature. Even breathing in the secondhand smoke from another person’s smoking can put injurious chemicals into the blood of an innocent bystander. We can do ourselves and society a great service by giving up drugs and tobacco.

Many individuals feel indifferently about the body and treat it improperly. We should want to care for the body for its own sake, and for our own comfort and welfare, both present and long-range. But, if one does not sense a responsibility to one’s self, he or she should develop a sense of responsibility to family or friends. One seldom suffers alone in sickness or disability.Please visit for more videos and article on health and natural remedies.

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