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Published on April 8, 2013 by 00:01 Hello! I’m Dr. Agatha Thrash from Uchee Pines Institute
00:06 and we’re going to talk about pain during the next
00:09 half an hour, we hope you will join us.
00:31 Welcome to Help Yourself To Health
00:33 with Dr. Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute
00:37 and now here is your host Dr. Thrash.
00:40 At Uchee Pines Institute we deal with pain in a lot of ways
00:47 we deal with a number of different kinds of pain.
00:51 Pain can usually be categorized in two ways: We can talk about
00:57 chronic pain or we can talk about acute pain.
01:01 Acute pain is usually treated in a different way than
01:05 chronic pain, and this is Don Miller who will be talking
01:09 with me today in helping you to understand how we treat pain
01:13 at Uchee Pines Institute.
01:15 Don! – Well Dr. Thrash there are
01:18 various ways that we treat pain and one of the first things
01:21 is what we do within our own minds to make pain worse,
01:25 we call these things pain intensifiers,
01:27 It’s basically our reaction to the pain perception.
01:32 The first and probably the greatest thing that intensifies
01:36 our pain is fear, fear does a number of things to the body
01:40 physiologically, fear does a number of things to the body
01:42 mentally.
01:43 Physiologically we tense up our muscles become more rigid,
01:48 you remember back in the days where you used to get
01:51 hypodermic needles shoved into your muscles,
01:53 they would say relax, yeah, really right, relax,
01:56 they have this great big long needle, they are going to ram it
01:58 into your muscle and they tell you to relax,
01:59 well normally you don’t and you are all stiff,
02:01 they run this needle into your muscle, and that stiff muscle
02:06 hurts more than it would have or could have relaxed
02:09 in the first place.
02:10 But it is also the fear of the unknown, when we get a pain
02:13 we wake up in the morning and we’ve got a pain
02:16 and we self diagnose ourselves, hummm, what could this pain be,
02:20 and we start coming up with all types of horror stories,
02:23 we read an article yesterday, we heard a news broadcast
02:26 about this pain and this great disease caused by it
02:30 and pretty soon we are thinking that we have that disease
02:33 and the pain becomes much greater.
02:36 Then we go to a physician, he diagnoses our pain as being
02:40 we slept wrong and all of a sudden the pain is not
02:42 quite as bad anymore.
02:43 Because our pain is somewhat palliated by the fact that
02:47 our fear has been assuaged, it’s a nice way to take care of
02:50 the fear and the pain.
02:52 Another thing that intensifies our pain is guilt,
02:55 these are for people who basically pain prone,
03:00 they are guilty, “oh I shouldn’t have done that,”
03:03 “if only I hadn’t done that,” if I hadn’t eaten that,
03:06 if I hadn’t done that, if I hadn’t done this thing over here
03:09 I wouldn’t have this pain right now, and so this guilt complex
03:12 seems to make the pain much much greater.
03:16 There is also the thing called anger, now we are talking
03:19 again about how the mind is reacting to the pain perception.
03:24 The pain is the same but now we are angry at somebody
03:29 or something, we are angry at the accident, why did that
03:33 happen to me, and often when we start asking those questions
03:36 we become angry at the very one who can take care of
03:39 our problems, that’s anger against God.
03:42 So we are angry against God, or we are angry against our
03:45 spouse, or we are angry against our employer, or we are angry
03:49 against ourselves for doing that stupid thing,
03:51 falling down the stairs, tripping over whatever,
03:53 and we get angry and all of these things along the lines
03:57 are making our pain much much greater.
04:00 Really a great pain intensifier is a thing called loneliness,
04:06 people who are alone suffer more pain, we’ll talk about
04:11 that a little bit more when I talk about things to assuage
04:13 and take away the pain, but people who are lonely
04:16 seem to have a greater preception of pain.
04:19 We find that those people who are alone suffer more premature
04:25 deaths, matter of fact, double the national average than those
04:29 who are not alone, divorced people are five times more
04:32 likely to commit suicide and die in fatal accidents
04:36 four times more if they are alone, these are sad
04:39 circumstances for a person.
04:41 They did some experiments back in 1956, they had in a hospital
04:48 ward, they had those people in open ward seemed to use
04:52 less pain medications by about.. they took bout 3.2 doses of
04:56 the pain medication to those in private rooms about 13.4
05:01 doses of pain medication.
05:03 Because there was more going on around them, they weren’t
05:06 so lonely any more, so we take away the loneliness
05:10 we often take away the pain, the anger, the guilt, take away
05:14 some of these things and we find that they have far less pain.

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