Natural Remedies : Hot Foot Bath, Lemon Garlic Antibiotic Tea Natural Treatment

Published on February 12, 2011 by One of the most versatile and helpful of the true remedies is the hot foot bath. The hot foot bath is a true remedy. It can be used to reduce a fever since it causes the number of circulating white blood cells to be increased and the toxins which cause an elevated body temperature are removed, and the thermostat is restored to normal. The hot foot bath can combat a cold, headache, or any congestion of the head, the chest, or the pelvic organs in menstrual difficulties by pulling excess blood from the congested part, thereby increasing the effective circulation. The hot foot bath can open up the totally blocked nasal passage of a person in about five minutes. There is a measured increase in the flow of blood to the pelvic organs as well as to the structures of the nose, throat, and bronchi when the feet are placed in hot water.

The hot foot bath is very easily administered. A deep container such as a foot tub, a large washpan, or even a large trash can may be used for the purpose. Fill the tub about three-quarters full with water at about 110 degrees, or about as hot as the person can tolerate it. The ordinary foot bath lasts from twenty to thirty minutes. During that time the temperature should be kept as hot as the person can take it. For some who object to the heat, start the foot bath at about 105 degrees and build the temperature up during the next 2-5 minutes until it reaches 110 to 115 degrees. The feet should become quite red while in the tub. At the end of 30 minutes pour cold water over the feet to close off the pores, to intensify and prolong the action of the hot water.

The only significant contraindication to using the hot foot bath is that of insulin-dependent diabetes. Such an individual may have serious hardening of the arteries to the lower extremities and should not be treated with a hot foot bath, except under medical supervision. Of course, those who are unconscious or cannot feel heat should not be given hot foot baths

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