SSU-2015-1-09: Words of Truth

Published on February 23, 2015 by Sabbath SchoolU

Study 9 of 13 on Proverbs

“Tony Gaskins, Jr. states “You can give a person knowledge, but you can’t make them think. Some people want to remain fools, only because the truth requires change.” There is no complacency. There is a constant movement…the choosing to follow God…the choosing to move into truth…this movement doesn’t allow sin, or its by-products, to capture you….because freedom doesn’t chain you down.” –Falvo Fowler

Scriptural Basis: Exod. 22:21–27; Ezek. 33:8; Eph. 5:20.

Key Text: “Have I not written to you excellent things of counsels and knowledge, that I may make you know the certainty of the words of truth, that you may answer words of truth to those who send to you?” (Prov. 22: 20, 21, NKJV).
1. What do we learn from Proverbs 22 about truth?

2. How should faith in God help give us some peace of mind regarding all the injustice in the world?

3. What does Proverbs 23 say about appetite?

4. Why is appetite such an important spiritual issue?

5. In what way does Proverbs 24 relate to the Christian’s response to hunger, war, injustice, racism, or economic oppression?

6. How would you answer the message that recently appeared on buses in London: “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life”?

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