SSU-2015-1-13: Women and Wine

Published on March 24, 2015 by Sabbath SchoolU

Study 13 of 13 on Proverbs

“My wife says the dumb one was Adam. Her reasoning is this: It took a supernatural being to tempt Eve…but all it took was a sinful mortal to make the perfect man fall.”-Falvo Fowler

1. How does popular culture impact a person’s thinking about two important issues in this week’s study: alcohol and extramarital relationships?

2. How can a person best sort out the conflicting values between biblical counsel and societal pressures?

3. How would you describe the position of Proverbs 31 with regards to the use of alcohol?

4. In what ways can knowledge without wisdom be even more dangerous than a lack of knowledge without wisdom?

5. How can we make sure that we don’t neglect the practical aspects of faith as we seek to fulfill His theological and spiritual dimensions?

6. In what everyday ways can a child of God withstand the influences of culture with regards to alcohol and gender identity?

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