What Is Optimum Cholesterol?

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47 Hello and welcome to “Health for a Lifetime”
00:49 Today, we’re with Dr. Tim Arnott
00:52 He is a physician at the Lifestyle Center in Oklahoma
00:56 Welcome doctor! Thank you, it’s good to be here
00:58 We’re going to be talking today about heart disease,
01:00 and so if you have someone in your family
01:02 that has heart disease, or if you would like the information
01:06 yourself, get a pen or a pencil, take a few notes…
01:09 You’re going to find that this is a fascinating program
01:12 as we talk more specifically about CHOLESTEROL!
01:15 Doctor, what exactly is cholesterol?
01:17 How does the body produce it or DOES the body produce it?
01:21 What is it? Cholesterol is a type of fat.
01:25 It’s a waxy substance and it’s very, very important to the body
01:30 In fact, every cell of the body has cholesterol in it.
01:33 And what the cholesterol actually does is it
01:36 sits in the cell wall…
01:38 In other words, the covering of the cell
01:40 is where the cholesterol is found.
01:42 And it stabilizes that cell wall, gives it STABILITY.
01:46 Otherwise, we’d be much more “fluid” individuals;
01:50 so it gives us some stability.
01:51 So it’s a GOOD thing, I mean, so often we hear about
01:54 cholesterol and it sounds like it’s just a BAD thing,
01:56 but we really NEED it!
01:58 You know, if it wasn’t for cholesterol,
01:59 none of us would be here.
02:01 Because cholesterol is actually what is used…
02:05 The raw material for something called “progesterone”
02:09 Progesterone is that very important chemical
02:13 that keeps the pregnancy developing.
02:16 And so if it wasn’t for cholesterol,
02:18 we couldn’t produce children.
02:21 Now, you are a specialist in family practice,
02:23 and you’ve done work in lifestyle medicine as well
02:25 at the Lifestyle Center in America there,
02:27 what, doctor, is a good cholesterol level and why?
02:32 Well that’s a very important question…
02:35 And as we look at that question,
02:37 I’d like to take our listeners out to Massachusetts.
02:41 There’s a little town outside of Boston called “Framingham”
02:45 and our government has been studying this very question of
02:50 “Why people die of heart disease” for over 50 years
02:54 in Framingham, Massachusetts, and they’ve learned some
02:57 very exciting things.
02:59 There are a group of people in this country,
03:02 less than 1% of us, but there’s a special group,
03:07 and that group, in over 40 years developed NO heart attacks;
03:13 NO heart disease in over 40 years!
03:16 These are individuals with a total cholesterol LESS than 150.
03:23 Now, what’s important about that is that many of our
03:27 listeners have probably been to the physician’s office,
03:30 and they’ve had their cholesterol tested…
03:32 And when you look at the sheet where the cholesterol
03:37 is actually reported…
03:38 Over on the right-hand side, you will see a normal range…
03:43 Normal and then what you have… EXACTLY

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