When To Use Herbs, Modern Technology & Medicine or Biblical Advice When Sick

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Many common herbs contain medicinal factors at a nontoxic level when used in the form of teas. Every family should have the knowledge of these properties, knowing how to identify the herbs in the woods and fields, and having certain herbs fresh and available for use. Dried herbs should be stored in an airtight, dark container to prevent loss of strength. The student should be constantly increasing his knowledge of this incompletely known branch of rational therapy. He should learn the toxic herbs and avoid them. The herbs are best taken as tea; but capsules, pills, tablets, tinctures and other concentrated forms of herbs can be taken also. Allowing herbs to steep longer than 30 minutes can extract toxic or undesirable properties from the herb. See instructions and uses below.

Directions for Making Tea
Where instructions are not stated with the remedy, use the standard of one teaspoon of dried herb to one cup of water. Boil the water, add the herb, cover tightly, set away from the fire to steep for 15 minutes. Boiling the herb can destroy the active principle. Strain. Drink two to three cups per day for one week unless otherwise directed.

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